Real Estate Photography

Premium Photography With Superior Image Editing

Interior Photos

The bedrock of all real estate photography is quality interior photography. Showing off your property in the best way possible takes extensive knowledge in composing, framing, lighting, editing, and years of experience of knowing when and why to take a shot. Benchmark Photo provide that in every shot we take, our photographers make it a goal to listen to your needs and will take the extra step necessary to make sure the photo we take is the best it can be. That could be as simple as fixing a misshapen pillow or as complex as moving a furniture.


Exterior Photos

The face of your property, and many times the listing's "hero shot" is an exterior photography picture. The grounds and surrounding area are often just as important to capture as the interior, as such we take great care in ensuring the quality of work is on par with any interior work we do. Our photographers know the exact time of day or exact moment in a day to best capture the exteriors of your property. We are also well versed in sky replacement editing should it be a cloudy day on your shoot.


Twilight Photos

One of the most important ways to get your listing sold is to bring potential clients in with jaw-dropping pictures using stunning twilight photography. Our years of expertise has fortified our ability to know when and how to capture your listing in the most dramatic way possible. Coupled with our superior editing techniques, we know how to make your photos POP while still retaining the natural look of the home.
This type of photography is perfect for homes that have great exterior lighting (up-lights on the house, the grounds, and pool lighting, etc.). It normally starts about 20 minutes after the sun has set and lasts for another 15-25 minutes after that.