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Good images are key when choosing a place to stay for travellers heading to your destination!


Professional photography can keep you highly competitive in your market. Without great photography you’ll find that customers will see your hotel as ‘behind the times’, old-fashioned and essentially less desirable than other hotels. Updating your imagery every few years gives the impression of a makeover on your business and keeps things fresh. In a world obsessed with imagery and visuals, sitting back and waiting for clients to roll in won’t do you any favours.

Are your hotel images displaying images that sell to potential customers?
Do your images impress? Do they make you want to choose your hotel? Are they showing the key strengths that your hotel has to offer such as the loaction, the comfort of your rooms and facilities? Your hotel may offer a great breakfast buffet are you showing potential guests such benefits? Ultimatey, would you choose your hotel over your competition?

Professional images increase your conversion rate, which means more bookings, higher ocupancy rates and more revenue. 

Your hotel website and images displayed on booking engines are an extension of your physical property, and you need to treat them as such. Don’t leave all the wonders of your hotel to the imagination of your guests. You must showcase everything that is great about your hotel to potential customers.

















  • Allow travellers to quickly learn more about your property, it's amenities, and the destination.

  • Travellers will develop an emotional response and connection – which is critical in getting them over the line. 

  • With quality images you can create a compelling reason for guests to stay at your property.

  • You can target your market intelligently by using images that will apeal to the type of guests that would typically stay in your hotel.

  • If you run a business hotel then it's vital to show things such as conference rooms. If you're aim is families then images should show that it's a child friendly hotel and so on. Benchmark are experts in expressing your hotels best features in imagery.


Don't even think about taking your own photos or getting a friend that loves photography who has some gear to take them. Your photos are an important investment!

A professional hotel photographer will know how to advise you on the set-up your rooms for photography, what to show and what not to show. They will shoot from the best angles, and make your rooms look bright even if they may not be all that bright through superior editing techniques and in the way they take the shots.

















Places where Benchmark have been & worked.
The Benchamark team have worked across the globe here are some of those destinations:

Australia, New Zealand, United States, Vanuatu, Fiji, Bahamas, Jamaica, Germany,

Austria, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Switzerland, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE & Qatar.



1. Impeccable lighting

Lighting is the key to any spectacular photo and it’s something pro photographers understand. 

2. Spatial awareness

Knowing where to be or where to position the camera when the shutter clicks is crucial to ensuring your rooms look amazing. 

A pro photographer has the experience to find the best angles without making the room look fake.

4. First impressions

Our phtographers know how to capture window views, and place unique features or amenities into the frame.

We never distort anything or edit images that would look fake.

5. Always include room interiors in your galleries

The room is where guests will spend a large amount of time, so it’s pretty important they know what they’re getting into. 

They want to know where the bed is, what furniture is in the rooms, what colour the walls are, how much space there is to move around, and more.  Showing inside your rooms in detail also means guests won’t be surprised or disappointed when they arrive, eliminating the chance for a bad review.


Some other factors you should consider when shooting your photos include:​

  • The need for human presence – This should be viewed on a case by case basis. Sometimes the need for human presence is there, to give guests a better idea of how they might enjoy your property, but ultimately it should be spared where possible.

  • Symmetry – Symmetry puts the eye at ease and makes things seem much cleaner and more organised, creating a better impression on people viewing your website

  • Never too many photos – Once, 20-30 photos might have been deemed acceptable. Today, with such a vibrant online merchandising environment, even small hotels should consider having more high quality photos to use in their gallery, on their social media pages, and third-party booking channels.


You also need to know what’s to your hotel's advantage so you can lean into it when you market and sell your property.

Your main strengths might include:

  • A unique location (even within your destination)

  • Your property is famous or has historical significance

  • You can offer amenities that your competitors can’t

  • Your customer service goes above and beyond

  • You are the best option in town; you have positive reviews or you can’t be beaten on price.

Whatever they may be, your strengths are something you shouldn’t take for granted. Instead, you need to make sure guests know all about them when they are considering your hotel during their travel research.

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