Virtual Staging - Increased Value

Have you ever heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words"? This is very true when it's to do with selling a home.

Above is a fully virtually styled living room example

If you're selling a doer-upper, a partially finished construction, or a luxury home with the ability to be taken to a whole new stage, virtual staging will make all the difference in highlighting the property's potential in the best light. But why should we stop there? This exciting edit is also popular with designers, renovators, and builders who want to showcase their skills and vision in a single professional image.

To remain ahead in the ultra-competitive real estate market, real estate agents must have every possible tool to help close the deal in their arsenal. Virtual staging is the most recent technological advancement that is beginning to shape the real estate industry, and its possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination.

Today, we'll be shooting a really well-presented property. The seller, on the other hand, would like to show off what the living room might look like if it were renovated.

Virtual Staging:

93% Reduces the cost of traditional staging by around!

75% Rent/sell faster than the un-staged competition!

100% Looks just like the real thing!

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