NEW Technology for Hero Shots

Hero shots are very important because they are the first image buyers see when browsing online. Buyers will click on images that appeal. Up until now, agents had two options. They could choose to get the property photographed during the day or pay extra for a twilight shot. While twilight shot's are still awesome, they do cost more and generally are much harder to capture because they need to be taken at sunset. All lights inside and around the property must be on during sunset so that the photographer can get the required shot. Agents often want the images as quick as possible so they choose to get daylight only photos. While we still highly recommend twilight images, we do have a great alternative. Our superb image editors are able to create a DIGITAL twilight shot from an image taken during the day. There is no need for lights to be on, no need to wait around for the exact time at sunset. Even the lighting conditions don't really matter anymore. Photos can be taken in the middle of the day when the lighting conditions are often harsh. THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN DURING THE DAY IN HARSH SUNLIGHT

Our digital hero shot's are truly almost as good as the real thing. In any case buyers will be clicking on digital twilight shots more than standard daylight images without a doubt. Everyone knows that swimming pools look amazing at sunset and very often quite average during the day. This technique can be applied to any areas of the home including the pool area, entertaining area etc. Bring all of your listings to life with Benchmark Photo! If you have any questions regarding digital hero shots feel free to contact our friendly team. Digital hero shots are included in all our standard packages free of charge.

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